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War is being invoked is difficult to say but the tentative suggestion here is thatBonny Light Horsemanitself is of an eighteenth century vintage. Regiments of light horse in the British army, deriving from the private regiments raised during the latter part of the seventeenth century and during a considerable part of the eighteenth, do not appear to begin to have been so named until around 1748 (The Duke of Cumberland Light Horse) and after (1759 Hale Light HorseBurgoyne Light Horse). So, taking the appellation Horse into account and despite the fact that Britain was engaged in conflict through most of the century in Europe (War of Jenkins Ear, 1739), at home (the Jacobite Risings of 1715 and 1745), and in North America (1775 1783, (the American revolutionary war), before the all embracing French wars, we can discount the War of Austrian Succession (1740 1748) because Britain did not play a major role in a conflict that was, essentially, between the Austrians and the Prussians; and a more likely stimulus, though by no means a certainty, would have been the Seven Year War (1756 1763), when Britain finally broke French power in North America.

Westcott, Patsy Alternative Health Care for Women (1991)We all joined the service knowing full well what might be expected of us. Christianity Today (2000)Perhaps the army might be the making of him. Iain Gale Man of Honour (2007)These little details might make a difference.

JEFFREY FRANKEL: Yes, other countries are very likely to retaliate. They would be justified in doing so, since our national security excuse for these tariffs is flimsy in the extreme. (Very little of the steel or aluminum that we use is produced in China.) If one retaliatory round were the end of it, the negative effects might not be big enough to show up in global GDP unless this is the shock that pricks a bubble in securities markets.

Ma, nel frattempo, i consulenti starebbero provando a lavorare a una soluzione condivisa da Vivendi e Mediaset: sul dossier ci sarebbero infatti Mediobanca e l franco tunisimo Tarak Ben Ammar, vicino sia a Bollor sia alla famiglia Berlusconi. Vivendi, in modo informale, si sarebbe detta disponibile a valutare una nuova proposta che preveda una struttura del capitale pi equilibrata per Premium, in modo che entrambi possano deconsolidarla: con Mediaset e Vivendi proprietarie di un 40% a testa e un terzo soggetto con il 20 per cento. Pi difficile individuare questo possibile alleato, che secondo alcuni rumors potrebbe essere Telecom Italia, anche se la societ guidata da Flavio Cattaneo si affrettata a smentire qualche giorno fa un suo coinvolgimento.