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Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: lira. Capital: Ankara. Faced with Greece’s inability to finance itself on international financial markets, in May 2010, the IMF in coordination with the European Commission, the European Central Bank, agreed on a twin track course of actions with the Greek government. The former, in order to enable Greece to make interest payments and roll over its debt, would have provided financial assistance to the latter, which, in turn, would have had to adopt a series of austerity measures aimed at achieving substantial fiscal consolidation. Has this strategy worked out? Clearly, it depends on the targets.

The xed bottom model allows to simulate the collapse of a levee structure through the formation and evolution of a breach caused by siphoning or overtopping. The surveys are conducted in the context of a joint analysis of mathematical modeling and geophysical analysis of data acquired on the Roncajette Canal (PD), both previous and in the context of this thesis. The presence of levee segments with physical properties that reveals aspects of a possible weakness of the levee section suggests that in a ood event similar to the one November 2010, the Roncajette Canal could be inclined to reach conditions causing the formation of levee breaching.

Times, Sunday Times (2013)Where on earth will these troops come from? The Sun (2015)He set up a business making wire cages that could be filled with earth and sand. Times, Sunday Times (2010)What on earth is this place coming to? The Sun (2015)Where on earth can the big shops and brands go from here? Times, Sunday Times (2013)The sun provides the earth with more energy in an hour than humanity uses in a year. Oliver Morton Eating the Sun: How Plants Power the Planet (2007)Who on earth is going to wear this? Times, Sunday Times (2014)How on earth did you land that job? Times, Sunday Times (2008)The dog is the only animal on earth that can interpret a human gesture.

Nini Gollong: impegnati sia sul patrimonio culturale che sulla sostenibilità, così la nostra collezione di gioielli ALAMA cresce in modo organico, con pezzi unici e fatti a mano di volta in volta, invece di pezzi nuovi a ogni nuova stagione, e con una politica ‘rifiuti zero’. Le artigiane lavorano solo con pelle di provenienza locale, fili dai sacchi riciclati per il riso e anche nonché plastica riciclata e perline di vetro che acquistano dai mercati locali. Inoltre, non creiamo rifiuti, non produciamo in eccesso, produciamo solo ordini e campioni, non accumuliamo o buttiamo via niente.

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