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Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, winner of the prestigious Peabody Award, was co produced with Paul Barnes and aired on PBS in November 1999. This dual biography tells the story of the two women who almost single handedly created and spearheaded the women rights movement in America, changing for the better the lives of a majority of American citizens.

The personalisation of international politics has come back to hit him like a boomerang. When Berlusconi appeared on the political stage in 1994, Italians knew that he owned three television channels, a daily paper and a number of other companies. They also knew that he had been taken to court in connection with his business activities, and would have an enormous conflict of interest.

Networks of social interaction, are obvious. Computing (2010)Each morning I have a large spider ‘s web on my wing mirror. Times, Sunday Times (2017)An array of wearable gadgets now lets you turn yourself into a walking world wide web. But veteran Washington journalist Wllliam Greider, who has covered government, politics and the economy for four decades, fears that what Geithner and the Obama administration are proposing may not create reform but simply perpetuate more of the same and even lead to the creation of what he calls “a corporate state a rather small but very powerful circle of financial institutions. Yes, watched closely by the Federal Reserve and others in government, but also protected by them. And that’s a really insidious departure.”.

Times, Sunday Times (2010)There is capacity to raise one million ducks a year. Times, Sunday Times (2010)The sheltered garden has a large duck pond. Times, Sunday Times (2007)He ducked and the bird flew out. Quando Sabrina ha iniziato a disegnare la sua prima linea di occhiali, racconta la difficoltà nel trovare acetati particolari ed esclusivi. Con grande impegno inizia quindi a realizzare da sola le lastre, creandole a misura delle proprie esigenze e per differenziarsi sul mercato sempre più saturo di proposte, studia insieme a esperti designer il modo migliore per utilizzare un elemento così particolare e variegato come la piuma anche nel mondo dell’occhialeria. Artigiani qualificati inseriscono manualmente le piume all’interno delle lastre di acetato ed ecco che il risultato è stupefacente, tanto da eleggere la piuma a icona dell’azienda.

Times, Sunday Times (2006)So it stood to reason the man with the beard was talking through the very exhaust valve from which his new fuel would be produced. The Sun (2007)It’s exhausting and emotionally draining. Times, Sunday Times (2010)High pressure in the upper atmosphere has acted like a car exhaust, venting waste air from the top of the storm.

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